My Craft tradition

Donor: ENGIM International

Implementation Period: June 2021

Area of implementation: Elbasan

After the 1990s, all handicrafts offered in Albania by the state were closed or demolished. There was also a handloom manufactory in the city of Elbasan, but it could not resist its destruction. In this way, all national traditions and values have faded and, in many cases, have completely disappeared.

Thus, to preserve the tradition and restore the craft passion was created the social enterprise what is developed in the premises confiscated by organized crime in the city of Elbasan and contribute directly to the employment of vulnerable community and youth.

The project focuses on the artisanal tradition of handloom work, which are part of the Albanian tradition such as carpets, rugs, alleys, doily, bags, etc. In this initiative are employed a large number of individuals who come from vulnerable groups and communities in need where in total there are 10 individuals employed and 20 trained for the handloom profession.