Free access to legal services

Donor: UNDP Albania

Implementation period: November 2021

Implementation area: Peqin, Gramsh, Librazhd and Prrenjas

Project Description

Poverty in Albania has generated a high number of social, economic and educational problems. This situation has produced chaos in educating generations on human rights issues and truncated access to even the most basic human freedoms. Today in suburban and rural areas, but not only, there is a significant gap between the individual, social and legal services and knowledge of procedures, rights and even applications from the most basic. All this has led to the fact that today we have individuals in extreme conditions of legal and social disadvantage, intensifying their marginalization.

The aim of the project is to provide legal and social support to vulnerable communities in the Prrenjas, Librazhd, Peqin and Gramsh in the region of Elbasan. Support which can be provided through face-to-face awareness, local and social media, provision of legal and social services personalized according to the needs of each individual and coverage of all financial costs for the provision of free legal services.

The project results will be:

20 informative meeting in vulnerable target and rural are to inform for the access to human rights;

400 women and men from the vulnerable target groups of the community will have improved their knowledge on legal services and habits in access to human rights;

100 paralegal aids will be offer for the vulnerable target groups;

50 social services will be offer for the vulnerable target groups;

25 legal representatives of local institutions with improved community access, in terms of legal information, representative etc. at the end of the year