Community work

Donor: National Employment and Skills Agency 

Implementation period: November 2021

Implementation area: Elbasan

The Community Works Program (PPPK) is a 12-month program, which aims to include in the labor market long-term unemployed jobseekers (who have been registered as unemployed for more than a year) by providing opportunities for training and part-time employment in community-focused service activities. PPPK provides opportunities for the long-term unemployed to gain valuable work experience and to participate in training and at the same time be paid.

The Community Works program (PPPK) aims to:

a) to meet the needs of participants, unemployed jobseekers;

b) to meet the personal needs of the employer (organization) for useful work for the good of the community.

The community service program is implemented by the National Employment and Skills Agency (KPA) through its Structures in cooperation with civil society organizations.

11 individuals are benefiting from this program.