Empowering Prrenjas Youth Council

Donator: USAID Albania

Implementation period: December 2019 – May 2020

Implementation area: Prrenjas

Project Description:

The project was develop based in the social plan of Prrenjas Municipally to support the local authority to have a youth council and to engagement them in the decision-making process and to be agents of change in their community. In the social plan of municipally was specified in the specific objective 5 engagement of the vulnerable groups in the decision-making process and this project help the municipally to achieved this goal.

Project goal was Empowerment and youth activism in decision-making processes at the local level in the Municipality of Prenjas.

The project objectives are to:

1. Inform the community and to build the capacity of youth in Prrenjas on local governance, democratic processes and their participation in decision making

2. Increase the role of the youth in decision making process by advocating and creating the Prrenjas Youth Council in collaboration with local structures.

The results achieved by the implementation of the project are as below:

111 applications received from young people to become member of Youth Council;

20 active motivated youth are selected through a transparent procedure to become members of Youth Council in Prrenjas Municipality;

231 youth informed about the Youth Council role and functioning;

20 youth increased their information on the functioning of the Youth Council and the challenges faced when working with youth issues;

A survey conducted with 225 youth regarding the local governance and the improvements that can be done regarding youth situation.