Being Active – Without Barriers

Donor: Caritas Albania

Implementation period: September 2017

Implentation are: Lezha, Laç and Vau i Dejës


Project description:

Joscelyn Foundation conducted the evalution of the project “Being Active – Without Barriers” during September 2017, based on a joint application by the applicant “Caritas Austria” and local partner “Caritas Albania” , in three project regions: Lezha, Laç and Vau i Dejës, located in north part of Albania.

The project overall objective is “Execution of rights of People with Disabilities (PWD) in Albania, as per the United Nation Convention on the Rights of People with Disability, focusing on social inclusion.”

The purpose of the evaluation was to verify the achievement of the aims set out in the project description and to analyze the effects of the project.

The implementation of the project “Being Active without Barriers” in all three project regions has been fully achieved in most of indicator’s. The project has had a tremendous impact on the community and for all the categories of peoples with disability. These changes are very apparent among PwDs and show how their lives really changed. They are included directly in the project as beneficiaries but also as “peer counselors”, a component that have given even more value their role of involvement. Through the work already done, the project has helped a number of beneficiaries from whom 136 in Laç, 143 in Lezha and 275 in Vaun e Dejës.

47 beneficiaries were directly involved in the project evaluation process by Joscelyn Foundation.